Hickory Financial  Services


Alicia Colon

Alicia is our office manager and chief factotum.  She has been in the insurance/financial arena for 10 plus years.  She is licensed and certified for several lines of business. She signs our checks.

George Colon

George is our resident obsessive compulsive.  He is detail oriented and this is demonstrated in the service he provides our clients. He is licensed and certified to offer both life and health products.

Linda Stevens

Linda gives clerical and moral support to our practice. " In the wicked old days when we went it alone, kept the company going on a wing and a prayer"... she was there. "The Scaffolder's Wife" M. Knopfler

Elliot Stevens

Elliot is the "founding father" of HFS both literally and figuratively.  He started his practice 25 odd years ago. Alicia is married to George; Elliot is Alicia's dad, oh and lest we forget...Linda's husband.